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Case Study: Education

MCE Scotland - Education

MCE Scotland has worked within many facets of education from the smallest of nurseries to the campuses of Universities throughout the UK.

Recently we have completed several primary and secondary schools that incorporated full BMS control of the Underfloor Heating as well as standard Boiler and Air Handling Unit Controls. We have also had to utilise Modbus protocol to communicate with Sub Electricity meters therefore affording the Council Energy managers a far more detailed view of usage within their buildings.

Following successful handover and demonstration we were able to follow this up with in-house training for the Estates team within our fully functional Training Room. This allowed our clients to test different scenarios without being concerned about damaging items of plant or the fabric of the building.

Our successful integration of the Distech, Tridium, Cylon & Schneider products into several education facilities throughout the UK has allowed us to become the lead BMS supplier within Scotland, and with these products being fully BacNet capable, MCE Scotland are at the forefront of technology and open networks going forward.