MCE Scotland

Case Study: Private Developments

MCE Scotland - Private Developments

MCE Scotland have been involved in many private developments from new build Manor Houses, to Ancient Scottish Castles. Recently we have completed contracts for private homes that have full Building Energy Management Systems interfacing throughout, including underfloor heating, boiler, AHU and domestic hot water plant. This was all then viewed via web graphics on a tablet as well as via the smartphone free to use iOS app.

From the most up-to-date technologies to having to integrate with centuries old buildings, MCE has the solution. In general, whether it is Modbus or a full BacNet solution, MCE has the experience to deal with such situations.

Indeed, many of the installations that MCE have completed have required incredibly close control so as not to damage not only the fabric of the building but also many of the artefacts that are housed within the building. In one recent development, the close control had to be so exact as to make sure that humidity and temperature levels were set so that the centuries old paintings were unharmed.